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New Kitchen Cabinets
New Kitchen Cabinets will not only add beauty and functionality to your Kitchen. It will also
increase the overall value of your home. Making this a wise investment with a tremendous
return. The kitchen of your dreams can and usually is the center of many homes. Making
everyday meal prep a delight. So if you are looking for the perfect cabinet finish like a Pearl Glazed, or a Mahogany finish. We have all you will ever need to design your perfect Kitchen. Your kitchen can easily become the place to make all the
holidays even better.
Kitchen Cabinet Designs
The team at Art Kitchen Studio can help you with your custom cabinet design. We have kitchen
cabinets in many styles, colors and designs to fit your tastes and budget. We have over 25
years of experience in creating and installing the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home. So if
you’re not sure about colors, style, design or price.
Kitchen Cabinet Showroom
Come down to our custom showroom in Clifton NJ. Were we have countless Kitchen cabinet
options for you to choose from. Let the experienced team at Art Kitchen studio help you every
step of the way..

Space Saving Kitchen Solutions

Art Kitchen Studios LLC

How a breakfast bar can stretch your kitchen.

Cooking and eating meals in a kitchen with limited counter and storage space is frustrating — especially now, with our new focus on kitchens. Ingredients pile up, pans and dirty dishes fight for room, and sticky counters are a pain. But kitchen islands in the time of COVID-19 can make all the difference. If you don’t have enough space for an island, there’s a simple way to make a new place to prep food and engage those in your home: with a breakfast bar. Here’s how this popular mainstay can change the way everyone feels about your kitchen — especially you.

Space Saving Kitchen Solutions

  It saves space. Breakfast bars are usually created by extending a countertop in some way, or installing a wall-mounted table. They differ from a kitchen island bar because they’re attached to something else, not freestanding. This gives you three usable sides you didn’t previously have in your kitchen, and it adds a layer to the decor. A quick search provides plentiful inspiration for how the addition might fit into your specific space, as well as ways to play up your kitchen’s existing features.  It’s affordable. The cost of breakfast bar installation is a little different from other types of kitchen upgrades because it doesn’t require a significant investment unless you want it to. Homeowners report paying as little as $300 for a ready-made island with breakfast bar capabilities. Others pay significantly more for a custom, expert touch that may require electrical work or construction. Art kitchen Studios remodelling professionals can provide clarity on what type of cost you can expect based on the type of breakfast bar that fits best in your space.

Versatile Counter Space

  It’s versatile. A major asset of the breakfast bar is that it’s dynamic. One moment, it’s covered in cutting boards; the next, a pile of homework. It becomes a natural centrepiece that people in your home will gravitate toward to eat, converse or show what they’ve been working on, no matter how large or small your space might be. It’s also easy to install. Seeking impermanence? Nab a ready-made bar. Already completing an Art kitchen Studio remodel? It won’t take much to tack on a countertop extension. Building a house?

Kitchen Redesign

 Talk to your Art Kitchen Studio designer about a wall-fixed table. The limit on this is your budget and imagination.  It’s customizable. Breakfast bars supply an extra few feet of counter space, but it’s possible to turn them into your kitchen’s most adaptable feature. If you’re pining for storage, opt for a bar with drawers built into the unit. Breakfast bars can also easily hide a pull-out cutting board or offer up space for an inconspicuous shelf. If you need the counter space but want to open up the room, ask a pro to build you a floating breakfast bar. The end result should complement your space and serve your unique needs.  It’s both stylish and functional. It’s undeniable that breakfast bars add an entirely new layer to a kitchen — especially galley or small kitchens that are difficult to add depth and space to. Adding a dose of design with a fundamental base in practicality can make a uniquely shaped or tiny kitchen the most interesting room in the house. If you aren’t sure where to start, a kitchen pro or handyman can help to answer your questions.

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Art Kitchen Studio's Showroom

Visit us at Art Kitchen Studio’s showroom for an in depth look at the possibilities for your dream kitchen. The showroom provides samples, display kitchens, and a hands on feel of the materials that have an opportunity of being used in your space. Meet with the showroom staff, who will be hands on through the entire process of your remodeling project, as they enlighten you on the steps necessary to achieve your vision. We are with you from design to installation.