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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Consider for Your Passaic County Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of your Passaic County home. It’s where you and your loved ones gather to share meals, have meaningful conversations, and make memories to last a lifetime. That’s why, at Art Kitchen Studio, a leading Ringwood, NJ kitchen cabinet retailer, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality kitchen cabinet designs. We offer the largest selection of cabinets from leading manufacturers in an array of colors, designs, finishes, and materials and our expert associates will help you select a style that speaks to your taste and will work for your budget. When you’re shopping for kitchen cabinets near you, head to the company that you can count on to turn your dream kitchen into a reality: Art Kitchen Studio.

Top Kitchen Cabinet Designs in Passaic County

If you’re planning on remodeling your Passaic County kitchen, you’re going to need to make a lot of decisions, and cabinetry is high on the list of priorities. Ringwood, NJ kitchen cabinets play a big role in the function of the space, and they have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room. From contemporary to traditional, there are so many different kitchen cabinet designs to choose from, and trying to decide which option to go with can be quite overwhelming.

To make the process a bit easier, here’s an introduction to some of the most popular kitchen cabinet designs that homeowners in Passaic County choose for their kitchen remodels.


Shaker is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet designs. This style features a five-panel front with a flat recessed panel in the center surrounded by a four-piece frame. It’s made to mirror the furniture that Shakers crafted, some of the most renowned carpenters and craftsmen. Because of their simplicity, shaker cabinets work well with all types of interior design, from traditional to contemporary, which is why they’re among the most commonly used Ringwood, NJ kitchen cabinets. Traditionally, shaker cabinets are made of premium-quality hardwood, but nowadays, they can also be painted in virtually any color you can imagine. Like the cabinets themselves, the hardware used on shaker cabinets is usually simplistic; however, you can choose any type of drawer pulls, knobs, and handles you’d like to create a one-of-a-kind look for your Passaic County kitchen.


Considered the most formal of all kitchen cabinet designs, traditional cabinets are inspired by Europe’s golden age. The doors can often be seen with raised panels and may incorporate different design elements, such as curves and ornate carvings; however, while they are certainly made to impress, they aren’t overly ostentatious. Traditional cabinets are commonly made of rich-colored wood, such as cherry, walnut, and mahogany; however, the carvings that they feature may be glazed or antique. If you’re looking to create a luxurious kitchen for your Passaic County home, traditional cabinets are an excellent choice.


If you’re looking to create a really low-key, simple look for your Passaic County kitchen, consider using modern-style cabinetry. Of all the different types of kitchen cabinet designs, modern is the most basic and has the least amount of detail. Typically, the doors feature flat panels with a complete overlay and there is very little or no trim or molding at all, which establishes a clean, crisp look. To continue the simplicity, modern Ringwood, NJ kitchen cabinets are often made of wood with minimal grain, such as maple. They can also be painted, with black, white, gray, and even deep blue being some of the most popular color options, though you could certainly use any color you’d like; for instance, orange, yellow, or even red paint in a high-gloss finish would create a super-sleek look that would work wonderfully in a modern kitchen.


Transitional is another favorite type of kitchen cabinet design among Passaic County homeowners. This style blends two or more designs into one; for example, the upper cabinets may be shaker-style while the lower cabinets may be modern. In addition to combing different styles, transitional Ringwood, NJ kitchen cabinets may also incorporate different colors; for instance, the top cabinets could be light gray while the bottom cabinets could feature a dark blue hue. The hardware might differ, too; or, you could use the same style of pulls, knobs, and handles to tie everything together. Because you can pick and choose from a variety of elements and create a look that truly reflects your unique style, it’s easy to see why transitional is such a popular kitchen cabinet design.


Farmhouse – also known as country-style – is yet another one of the most popular kitchen cabinet designs featured in Passaic County homes. Essentially, farmhouse-style cabinetry is a more casual take on traditional-style cabinets. The materials tend to be more relaxed, so-to-speak; shiplap, beadboard, reclaimed wood, and even tin may be featured in farmhouse cabinets to create a charming country-chic look. These cabinets are almost always painted, with the most popular color being white, though light gray, sunny yellow, and country blue would also work well with this style. If you’d like to create a space that exudes casual comfort, consider a farmhouse-style kitchen cabinet design.

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