4 Things to Accomplish Prior to Starting the Renovation Process

caramel granite countertop and with tile diagonal Backsplash and brown cabinets

You enter your kitchen or bathroom in your home and the first thought that crosses your mind is, “This entire space needs a change!”. Immediately after you ask, “Where do I even begin?”.

You begin in the comfort of your own home.

When remodeling a space in the home, the first step people think they should make is go and consult a professional. This is not a counterproductive thought but there are many aspects when beginning the remodeling process that can be planned by the homeowners before professionals are involved. Being aware of the basics helps ensure the buyer that there are no doubts. No doubts in the choices in cabinets, countertops, tiles, contractors, materials, layout and design, price etc. Certainty comes with knowledge!

The points that are highlighted below make the commencement of the remodeling process go smoother. Being able to jump into a huge project by being prepared will allow for comfort throughout the project. Be comfortable and confident by getting involved in the process of making your dream kitchen a reality!

1. Realize Your Style

There are an abundance of resources available to the average consumer that will allow you to develop your own style. Whether you prefer to sit down and watch some HGTV remodeling programs, scroll through instagram or pinterest, scroll through Houzz, or even just decide to admire the homes of your friends and relatives, the variety of choices and options for a kitchen or bathroom renovation start to become noticeable. 

All of these sources of inspiration will get you to start thinking about a goal. Before going to several locations and being overwhelmed with choices, styles, and colors, it is best to come prepared with a mental game plan. Learn about what you like, what colors will go nicely with the rest of the house, and start to visualize the new space. 

Modern, country, traditional, etc. The options are out there and the design ideas will come naturally once you start looking!

Somethings to keep in mind in regards to style is the space being redone. By space, we do not mean just the location but also the size of the area. 

Will darker or lighter colors be better options within the space?

This can alter what the perceived size of a kitchen is. If you have a smaller kitchen with little amount of natural lighting, light color choices would be ideal to give the illusion of a bigger space. Keep lighting and size in mind!

Do you want the countertop and cabinets to contrast in colors or to seamlessly combine together? 

For example, one of the most popular choices for a kitchen space is a white quartz with white shaker cabinets. This is a modern and beautiful combination. However, sometimes in a big kitchen, these colors may not stand out like they would in smaller spaces. The alternative that we are often asked for is the same white shaker cabinet but with a darker gray quartz countertop to really add a unique “pop” to the same style of kitchen.

There are several questions to consider when style is being thought about. This is the reason you should become comfortable and familiar with the idea of a specific style so you walk into the store already knowing what you like!

2. Research Materials

Now that you know the style you are looking for, it is essential to research the materials! It is always a great idea to consult professionals about this topic but having a base knowledge of the materials will help the process go smoothly. 

Let us give you an example of why material selection and knowledge is crucial!

There is a beautiful granite called Saturnia, which can be found on our granite page, that, if handled and fabricated correctly, will cause no problems. However, due to the amount of mica in this product, it is essential to understand that those sections with mica need to be treated a little differently. If a customer wants to do a more intricate edge, such as a Cove Dupont, the customer may not be aware that the mica may cause the granite on the edged sections to become more fragile. The granite as a whole is extremely durable but the exposed, thinner, and more “mica heavy” edge sections could become brittle. This is why a flat polish would be the best option for this material!

What different woods and materials are used within various cabinets brands?

Are there significant differences between quartz, granite, or porcelain countertops?

What would be better in my home? Glass, ceramic, or stone tiles?

What are the durability difference between wood, tile, and laminate flooring?

The lesson from the Saturina example is something that can be applied to any material used in a soon to be renovated space. Every material is unique. The factors of maintenance, level of porosity, durability, etc., of materials is essential knowledge due to the length of time that those materials will be in the home. 

We value our customers and like to be transparent and honest with the materials they choose. Our goal is to offer the best advice on materials depending on the needs of the consumer but some do not offer the same transparency. This is why it is always good to do some research on the materials for styles you found an interest in so that you can be comfortable with your choices. 

3. Set a budget and stick with it!

This one is short and straight to the point!

Set it and remember it!

The most important thing to constantly keep in mind while choosing a style and researching materials is the budget that you have agreed on for the project at hand. It is essential to set, and be aware of, your budget prior to starting due to the price differences that you may come across during the selection of materials and brands. 

We are able to price anything and everything that can be seen in the showroom and we can add on as many pullouts and extras as our customer desires, but if the budget is not kept in mind, disappointment may occur. The last thing that we would ever want is for a customer to be blindsided by a price that is over their budget. This should not be the case since there are options for every budget. Being aware of the set price point prior to starting, and then being open about it during the process, allows us to guide you in the right direction so that you can see the beautiful options that are available to you, in your desired style, at the price you prefer!

4. Learn The Process

Here at Art Kitchen Studio LLC, we like to be transparent in every step on the renovation process. We briefly detail the process our company goes through on our website and in depth to our customers. The reason we do this is because it is necessary for a consumer to understand what will take place when the remodeling of a kitchen, bathroom, or any other room takes place in their home!

We always advocate for this transparency and encourage everyone, including you reading this right now, to research the steps that will occur from A to Z. From the moment you walk in to a store to the moment the workers walk out of your home. This will bring a sense of comfort with not only the project but also with the individuals that you have hired to do the job.

A typical remodeling process at AKS begins with a consultation in which the buyer is able to get a feel for the kind of service that the company will be providing. The material options available, the styles, and the base design and layout of the project can be made clear during this step. **Before the consultation, it is best to take rough measurements of the space being remodeled, keeping in mind the location of doors and windows, so that the space can be discussed with more accuracy and the rough layout can be created!**

The second step is the measurement. At AKS, this is the step in which we go and do the first round of professional measuring. The base layout discussed at the showroom is compared with the measurements taken in the home. This step requires skill and precision. This will determine the estimated price of the kitchen with the style and color options that were chosen during the consultation at the showroom!

With the measurements completed, a 3-D design is able to be constructed. This step benefits many aspects of the process. The most important benefit goes to the customer. The customer is able to come to the showroom and see a detailed example of the finished product. Visualizing and thinking about the project is one thing, but being able to get a glimpse of what the kitchen will look like as the finished product always brings an ease to our customers during this experience.

The final two steps are fabrication and assembly and installation. These two steps are the most crucial for us, those doing the renovation. There is nothing more satisfying then having happy customers so getting everything done perfectly and in a timely fashion during these steps gets the customer excited for their dream kitchen, bathroom, or other projects!

Become familiar with the steps that will occur before commencing this project!

Help Spread Knowledge About the Renovation Process!